Tintilia del Molise DOP


“It is moving to think of a plant that does not die, and humbly asks to be saved to continue to bear fruit.” This is the case of “Tintilia”, vine native of Molise introduced by monks in the middle of the eighteenth century, during the Bourbon domination, in the territory that today corresponds to the Molise Region. Today, after two centuries, there are those who remained faithful to that original vine, utilizing the grafts to produce an excellent wine.


Alcool (% vol): 14,00 / Sugar: Dry / Year: 2016

Grapes: Tintilia 100%

Soil: Calcareous/clayey, hill, 400/600 meters a.s.l.

Training system: Spur-pruned cordon

Defense method: Biological

Harvest period: Second ten days of October

Harvest method: Manual

Vinification system: The fermentation takes place with maceration of the skins at a temperatures between 12°-28°C, in temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation tanks of. Pumpover occurs periodically, for a period of about 8-10 days, in order to extract color and aromas from the skins. It follows the racking

Maturation period: Maturation takes place for at least 4 months in stainless steel containers. The wine is then aged in 50 or 100 hectolitres precious barrels of Slavonian oak for 24 months.It is then bottled and stored in temperature-controlled rooms for at least four months


Color:  Intense ruby red with purple reflections

Aroma: Intense and complex, red pulp fruit, black cherry in spirit, prunes. Notes of licorice, vanilla, cloves, red rose

Taste: Warm, persistent, velvety tannin, hazelnuts and black pepper

Pairings: Serve with major first courses, cheese, truffles, red meats

Serving temperature: 18°-20°C