Aglianico IGP Bio



Alcool (% vol): 13,50   /  Sugar: Dry   /   Year: 2015

Grapes: Aglianico 100%

Soil: Calcareous/clayey, hill, 400 meters a.s.l.

Training system: Spur-pruned cordon

Defense method: Biological

Harvest period: First ten days of October

Harvest method: Manual

Vinification system: The fermentation takes place with maceration of the skins at a temperatures between 12°-28°C, in temperature controlled stainless steel fermentation tanks. Pumpover occurs periodically, for a period of about 8-10 days, in order to extract color and aromas from the skins

Maturation period: Maturation takes place for at least 12-18 months in stainless steel containers. The wine is then bottled and stored in temperature-controlled rooms for at least four months


Color:  Intense ruby red with purple reflections

Aroma: Intense and complex, red pulp fruit, black cherry in spirit, prunes. Notes of licorice, vanilla, cloves, red rose

Taste: Warm, persistent, velvety tannin, hazelnuts and black pepper

Pairings: Serve with major first courses, cheese, truffles, red meats

Serving temperature: 18°-20°C